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    Henna patterns travelling through different mediums, leaving beautiful foot prints that vanish over time.
This was an exhibition, I curated with a few Australian Artists. 

Erin Harrald as the potter, and Nick Graalman as the video maker. Mandi Whitten was the official promotional Photographer and Michelle Lee worked for all the graphic and digital marketing designs.

There were four distinct sections to the exhibition, each depicting a different meaning to myself, which was expressed in the form of Ceramics, Photography, Live Performance and Video. 

Earth, being the pottery section, reflected my family, which defines me and reminds me of how we all are made of clay. Pieces were created, studying the original forms on ancient Indo Pak, traditional wares, thrown with Australia Teracotta and hand painted by me.

Water, the second section, was photographed by myself, of my friends after being painted with Henna patterns, which symbolised their friendship and it's importance to me.

Fire, for me is the burning desire and love of my culture, which I enjoy sharing with everyone. I believe, the warmth of my culture, lives within me regardless of where I am in the world. For this section, we had a life traditional indian performnace by Rachna Subir Sen and her friend. Along with having a diya lighting ceremony at the opening, which was started by the artists but gradually was spread through the audience, symbolising the spread of passion, that lights within us all.

Air, was the video section that captured all the four elements together, showing the fading of beauty as time passes by, and nothing remains forever, and can not be captured just like air itself. 

The original video, shown for the exhibition was different to the one you see above. I dont have the rights to show you the original one, sadly. The editor decided to change the sequence of the elements, as to him making a beautiful video was more appropriate, than capturing the the essence of the exhibition, and hence, after the exhibition was released he changed the sequence, releasing only this version to be seen.  As I am part of this video too, just sharing this, although this is not what I had collaborated with him. 

Print and digital invite to the exhibition by Michelle Lee
Photography by Mandi Whitten
Art Direction by Michelle Lee
Model and Concept by Humna Mustafa