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    A selection of photos from the Burning Man Festival in late summer in Nevada.
"U-Me": The Unfortunate Monkey Experience
At Burning Man 2007, near the corner of 3:00 and The Esplanade , sits asolitary space capsule, much like those of the NASA Mercury missions,but with something terribly wrong. With parachute deployed andfluttering on the ground, it lies despondently on it's side, lookinglike a discarded salt shaker fallen from the table of some giant in thesky, partially buried in the playa due to the tremendous impact.

Upon closer inspection, and charred markings of a defunct EastGerman communist space program become clear as does the hatch at thewide end. When entered, an interactive experience awaits theparticipant.

Inside the darkness. eerie space beeps and blips emanate fromdiminishing rows of bulkheads with outdated control panels and analuminum jump seat, flanked by what appears to be a living chimpanzeein a space suit... and he's pissed off. You see, U-Me the monkey wantsto go back into space where he feels at home, and he needs your help.Can you enter the launch codes correctly? Will you make the monkeyhappy? Would you like a banana?

So begins U-Me, the Unfortunate Monkey Experience.  Enjoy.
Big Rig Jig, a sculpture conceived and designed by Mike Ross, is built from two repurposed 18-wheeler tanker trucks.