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Mad, Bad and Dangerous Crow
Mad, Bad and Dangerous Crow
A story inspired by Lord Byron.
Our story begins with Byron the crow;
a fine-looking bird,
our hero, you know.
His feathers as black as night-time or soot.

An everyday crow…
… apart from his foot

Byron was born with an interesting quirk;
a shoe-shod right foot
(which didn't quite work).

The other crows shunned him; all flew away.
Leaving him friendless,
‘til one fateful day…

Young Byron met Fred, a peacock of pride -
but seeing his friend,
the other crows cried;

“He’s just not our type – look at those feathers!
We don't want strangers,
Crows stick together!”

That's true, thought Byron, I don't look like Fred.
I look like you crows,
but look where that's led!

And so Byron called from murder-crow tree:

"You think I'm different... different I'll be!" 

“I’ll put myself outside of the crowd -
I’ll change these feathers!”
young Byron avowed.

So Byron’s quest to stand out from his pack
began with a leaf
affixed to his back. 

The crows didn't mock him; now they were scared.
Try to be different?
They wouldn't have dared!

“Byron’s not normal; it just goes to show!
He’s gone mad, he’s bad -
a dangerous crow!” 

“The whole problem is,” Byron decided,
“Birds of a feather
won’t be divided.

I need a flock with differing guises!
With birds of all shapes,
colours and sizes!” 

So off Byron flew, to tropical ground,
attracted by birds
with colours abound.

They heard out his story, right ‘til the end.
He was still different...
...but so were his friends.

So Byron discovered, to his delight;
he could be different
and yet still be liked!

Perhaps he forgot, when searching so far...

that different, in fact,
is what we all are.

Had Byron ever looked closely, he'd see...
each Newstead crow was
as different as he!

Now those crows call him a legend, you know.

Byron the Mad, Bad
and Dangerous Crow.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous Crow

Mad, Bad and Dangerous Crow

A story inspired by Lord Byron - this hardback book is to be printed as part of my wife's M.A. The artwork had to be carried out in a very short Read More