True Norwegian Aeropress Championship 201666
The True Norwegian Aeropress Championship 201666
Organized by: Kaffikaze
Place: Oslo, Norway
Visitors: 350   
Theme: Norwegian Black Metal
All artwork, prints, PR and event merch by Kaffikaze
Poster: printed on 300 gsm Edixion uncoated
Fonts used: Ecstacy and Satyr
A coffee brewer invented in California by Alan Adler around 10 year ago. Well known and loved brewer in the specialty coffee industry. 
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The participant list filled up in one hour since registration opened. 
Event teaser from the mecca of Black Metal, and the the nr. 1 destination for Blackpackers. The Black Metal basement of the Legendary record shop "Helvete" (Hell), now called Neseblod.
Competition with more than 100 shares at #aerosatan. Prize: Kaffikaze designed event filter from Espresso & Brewing + a bag of the competition coffee. 
This is Barista Mama Marianne Gjeldnes who was in charge of the brewbar, together with previous years Aeropress Champion Øystein T. Berntsen.

Free coffee
The brewbar we borrowed at Espresso Spesialisten had a crew who served free aeropressed coffee all night into cups from HappyCups, Berlin. 
Goodie bag 
5 bags of coffee, drink bongs, hair products, art print, Foodora gift voucher and coffee cleaner. 
More than 200 people qued up outside before we opened the event!
All the participants in their practice time before the competition.
Tattoo booth with coffee and black metal flash. 
Aeropress bag
Additional prize for the Aeropress Champion. Perfect for storing a Mile High Aeropress brew kit on the way to the WAC in Dublin. 
Competition coffee
A washed Ethiopian coffee provided by Collaborative coffee Source was brewed on aeropress all night and drunk by audience, judges and team Kaffikaze. 
Professional livestream rig with three camera angles by Bjarne Dankel Dy with help from Håkon Boman who also competed in the Aeropress Championship. 
In additon to hanging our poster at a load of places where good flavors are served in Oslo we made 10 huuge posters for the event venue. Both printed at CopyCat. 
The reigning Norwegian Barista Champion, Lise Marie Rømo won the Braastad cocktail challenge later that night. 
Talor Browne, Talor & Jørgen & Fryd, Oslo
Lisa Lawson, Dear Green Coffee Roasters, Scotland
Ingri M. Johnsen, Kaffikaze
1. Magnus Lindskog, Supreme Roastworks, Oslo
2. Idar Ellingsen, Langøra Kaffebrenneri
3. Ida Jansson, Nord, Oslo
4. Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen, Supreme Roastworks, Oslo

Kaffikaze booth
Event merch and all the other Kaffikaze products.
Not just coffee
Beer: Two draught beers from Lervig and Hansa IPA.
Drinks: Irish Coffee for everyone by Masidons, made by 2 x Coffee in good Spirits Champion Madeleine S. Johnsen. 
Mad circus art show by David Eriksson aka Ballswithballs and Morten "The Maniac" from Pain Solution.
Free photo booth photos for everyone!
for checking out our work. Hit appreciate if you liked it :)
New theme next summer for the Norwegian Aeropress Championship 2017 in Oslo. Join us! 
True Norwegian Aeropress Championship 201666
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Ingri M. Johnsen

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True Norwegian Aeropress Championship 201666

The Norwegian Aeropress Championship 201666. Event organizing, marketing, PR, graphic design.