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    A Communication Design Pack for MeimageDance to announce their special performance at Düsseldorf, 2016

Founded in 2010 by Taiwanese choreographer Hsiao-Mei Ho, a renowned expert in creating surreal images.
MeimageDance’s choreographic ideas reflect the diverse lifestyle influenced and interacted between history and culture; also, the works are closely associated with exploring human’s hidden inner thoughts in modern society. For stage design, MeimageDance features strong and unique visual effects on stage.
Since 2011, MeimageDance has started the program ‘New Choreographer Project,’ inviting prominent Taiwanese choreographers who live and travel abroad back home to create, to perform, and to share their adventurous experiences. Positioned as the ‘cradle for dancers,’ MeimageDance continues offering chances for outstanding dancers. The project hopes to nurture talented choreographers who have both international perspectives and local characteristics, and to carry forward the promotion and preservation of artistic education.

“Camouflage, the best way to ensure survival.
We are not innocent. Sometimes, only through Camouflage can we find solace.
When drowned in unbearable darkness, we unconsciously mold our disguises into reality, in such a spontaneous, inexplicable, but trivial fashion.
When we are tired of our own weakness, Camouflage is the talent to change, to bear, and to stay alive.
Thus we become.
Camouflage seems to contradict the principle of sincerity, but it truly reflects the diversity of life.
Camouflage makes sincerity more concrete. Through our disguises we learn to view life with humor, to indulge in wishful thinking.
In this space where we exist, let’s leave the truth behind for a while.
Now, Camouflage into your own colours…”

Invited by National Performing Arts Center-National Theater & Concert Hall (NPAC-NTCH), Camouflage is the most promoting performance in 2015. In this work, choreographer Hsiao-Mei Ho refines her unique artistic style to a new level——using existential psychology to experiment space, sound and scenes on stage.