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    Peugeot Car Design
Peugeot Car Design

The main concept of this vehicle is "co-existing with the environment".
This concept of co-existence with the environment not only means protecting it, but moreso being more concious about it, and even enjoying it.The purpose of an automobile in the future megalopolis is not only to move people smoothly from one place to another. What this vehicle provides is exaclty what is mentioned above; conciousness and enjoyment of the enviroment.This vehicle is structured by two curving frames. Based by the frames, heatproof glass covers the vehicle itself.There is also glass on the floor part of the vehicle, so the rider can see the road and actually be one with the outside view.The electric motor is placed on the rear part of the vehicle, allowing a better view for all 4 passengers seated inside.The inside of the vehicle is kept simple. This is to increase the economic efficiency of the vehicle and maintain a interior=exterior concept.The economic efficiency of an automobile does not only depend on smaller size. "To be more enviromentally concious", this is what this vehicle is trying to acheive.

Peugeot Design Competition Finalist