is a luxury furniture and accessories brand that brings together crafted excellence and modern luxury. Madheke’s philosophy is to create unique and fine pieces that are handcrafted, yet enjoy a sense of modernity. The brand uses a palette of exquisite materials and a backbone to the aesthetic is timeless detailing. 

The advertising campaign focuses on communicating to the Madheke man/woman - a well-travelled person, who enjoys the details of fine things and desires to be surrounded by objects of beauty and meaning. 

1 - “Luxury brands must embrace the fact that their primary products are actually elusive and ephemeral feelings and that their physical
products are mere mediums through which consumers achieve those feelings.” - Duke Greenhill
2 - The function of a luxury brand is to create dreams, and not to answer to problems and needs.
3 - Luxury is superlative and not comparative. It is like saying, “this is what I am”, proudly. Thus, brand positioning doesn’t particularly
work in luxury sector. It puts brands in a position of comparison with others in the market.
4 - Luxury products are purchased more on emotions than on pricing, physical timing or need.

A set of visuals letting the customers know that buying Madheke products gets them an unparalleled universe of their own. 

Two magazine advertisements, one billboard poster and online presence.
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