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Concept design
This toaster is new innovative concept based on simplicity of control.Non-conventional concept focused on way how to don’t touch toastimmediately after baking because it is quite hot so we have to usuallywait for that. I was thinking how to take it out without need to catchit to the hand and also was thinking whish way could be acceptable. I thing out this flipping system, which allow you to workeasy. So With the way emptying toaster easily by flipping is reallyeasy to work. Also I was thinking about the controls on display aswell. How to do it user friendly and simple? So you just need put thetoast inside the toaster and you will set-up minutes and after touchstart, when it is ready it beeps and flash and you just put the platenext to machine, flip the toaster and it slides down on your preparedplate.

Good appetite...