Profi Battery
As the official distributor of the corporation called Discover (the largest producer of industrial traction batteries for various applications, the geography of which covers 19 countries all around the globe, and partners are the largest producers of floor cleaning and storage equipment (such as Karcher, HAko, Taski, Tennant and et al.) in the territory of the Russian Federation, Profi Battery Ltd. carries out direct deliveries of traction batteries for various equipment (including floor cleaning machines, forklift trucks and other electric transport). Flexible pricing and innovative patented manufacturing technology called Dry Cell Battery provides the lowest prices in the industry.

Profi Battery Ltd. is a supplier of traction batteries of the Bulgarian MONBAT plant (Europe's leading producer of lead-acid batteries for a wide range of applications). The company «MONBAT Recycling» Ltd. is a global manufacturer of lead and lead alloys for the last 10 years in a row.
Art direction and design: Radmir Volk
Project Type: Branding, packaging

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