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    Exhibition branding about local women in Manchester.
Some of history’s best stories have been deliberately forgotten. Seen as badly behaved women during their time and social justice warriors in ours, this exhibition will bring some of the stories of Manchester's most radical women back to life through artworks created as part of the Badass Women Workshop during Wonder Women Festival.
Curated by Symmetry Creative, Warp & Weft, Bethany Hermitt and Caroline Dowsett the exhibition will showcase work inspired by the archives of the People's History Museum. From housewives campaigning for equality, to female lifeguards rescuing workers on the River Irwell in their spare time, the artworks aim to profile the lost histories of some of Manchester's real wonder women.

With my studio Symmetry Creative, we produced a workshop with a group of local artists and the exhibition was the result of work created during it. 

I produced an identity for the exhibition, and researched my own 'wonder women' who can be seen in the poster design. 

I discovered the photograph from the The Australian National Maritime Museum photo archives, which depicts a group of female swimmers from Salford, England where I currently reside. How it got into their archive I will never fully understand, but wonderful to find such a striking image of women who practiced life saving over the road from my house, in the now much decayed Collier Street Bath House.