Concept and Development
Kidlandia, Inc.
During my time with Kidlandia, I worked in many capacities within the company, as is normal for a start-up environment. I started as a QA contractor, and worked up through assistant print designer, to technical designer, and eventually to game designer. Below are some images that I worked on to relay the feeling of the world of Kidlandia in new ways. Some of the drawings were not used in the end, but all of the production art (the vector stuff) was used as is.

Kidlandia is a whimsical world in which magical "Kreechurs" guide children (the players) through adventures and creative endeavors in the form of mini-games and a map editor. Most of the work below is from the overhead map, where children could spend "Kaploons" to purchase buildings and create their own Kingdoms.
Concept Art
A Tundrabottom - This was part of a series of sketches I made to try and give the "Kreechurs" unique attributes based on the region of Kidlandia that they came from. The idea was thought to be too much for children to understand, but I disagreed enough to take at least this sketch into Photoshop.
A crafty 'Thumblebottom' who invented a way to soar with the "Wingaroos" - This was an initial sketch for an animated webisode that was cancelled before we broke much ground.
Hot Air Balloon Dock - This was a concept for a station to allow players to visit their friends' kingdoms.
This is an example of some of the lore-building work I was doing, where I was creating flora to match the established fauna of the IP. I wanted to make plants in which children could see the familiar Kreechurs represented and loosely grasp how surrounding environment plays a part in evolution. Where these plants grew on the map, children could expect to find the Kreechurs who mimicked them.
Construction Sets
These modular kits were built to be placed on an isometric grid and function as interchangeable building blocks for children to create castles and towns for their kingdoms.
Blue Stone Battlements
Desert Dweller's Set
Princess Set
Forest Dweller's Set

  These were the avatars for the player, who the children could dress up like a paper doll with different outfits and accessories they found around the world.

Work developed at Kidlandia, Inc.


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