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YUDANSHA - Monsters & Masters


YUDANSHA is a combat sportswear company based in Florida, US.

They contacted us to develop a special collection inspired in Martial Arts spirituallity and we decided to go one step ahead and try to develop a Japan inspired collection with some actual details.

Finally OUR MODEL sells very well and hapilly is SOLD OUT, but you can check it HERE.

 ------------------------------  ORIGINAL DRAWINGS  ------------------------------

 ------------------------------  COLORED DETAILS  ------------------------------

 ------------------------------  RASH GUARD PROPOSAL  ------------------------------

 ------------------------------  T-SHIRT GRAPHICS /Front & Back/  ------------------------------

 ------------------------------  SNAPBACK PROPOSAL  ------------------------------
 ---------- We really hope that you enjoyed & Thanks for looking! ----------


YUDANSHA - Monsters & Masters


YUDANSHA - Monsters & Masters

YUDANSHA - Monsters & Masters Special fashion collection for a combat sportswear company.