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Scoop Bench | London Bridge Mobile Kiosk Design for SYP
This proposal’s concept based on the continous loop of water and the natural elements in the park. The proposed geometry is a twisted double curve surface describes a semi-shelter that also provides users with an urban furniture function. While this seating function integrated within the given form, the proposed kiosk becomes a gathering point for the people in addition to its primary function of attracting people to distribute important information about the organisation’s activities.
The given site (London Bridge and Pottersfield Park) demands programmatic invention as well as strong signifance in relation to, and as relief from, the congestion of the area itself. The geometry of the linear timber panels are also highly affecting the rationalisation of the overall kiosk form. The kiosk surfaces were resolved specifically to incorporate non-repetitive curved timber panels without compromising the final form. Finally, any additional material to be distibuted for information (whether its printed or digital) can easily be implemented on the top surface for both audience and the organisations users while the additional urban furniture function creates unexpected situations for the visitors.
Product Information:

Materials & Technology : Birch Plywood Panels + Alumunium Mesh Body & Frames
Dimensions: 2400mm x 1800mm x 700mm
Competition Entry