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    The Punk Rock Ballad Of Jimmy And Johnny
The punk rock ballad of Jimmy and Johnny
A history of anarchy and friendship
This is an illustrated book I created on high school. I'ts been 3 years now. Long time ago.
The aim was to create my own style, starting from one of the greatest illustrators ever lived: FERENC PINTER. His flow, his black lines and his soft colors are amazing.

About the book, I've chosen to tell a story based on 12 great punk songs (but not only), connected by an invisible line I created to bring to life the two main characters: Jimmy, the punk, and Johnny, his headphones. Yes, the headphones is one of the protagonists. So what?
The story is about fun, grow, loss, redemption, and frienship. In a single word: a classic.

The technique is diluted acrylic paintig and black ink. 100% handmade!

This is a ballad talking about a trip, but among everything it talks about two friends... This is the ballad of Jimmy and Johnny!

TRACK 1: Rancid - Ballad of Jimmy and Johnny

A guy, his headphones...two PUNK ROCKERS!
Jimmy and Johnny's friendship seems to be indestructible: they have fun, they play, they feel like world's LORDS...

TRACK 2 - System Of A Down - Johnny

But slump is knocking...
Hate for society around him... that's what Johnny feels!

TRACK 3: NOFX - Jaw, Knee, Music

Only solution: the ROAD!
Everybody's dream is to run away from the world. Jimmy and Johnny do not make exception.

TRACK 4: Gogol Bordello - Immigrant Punk

Between dark paths and cold sunsets, they start their trip far away from society...
Sometimes you may find the love on the road. Other times, you could meet two lovers, instead...

TRACK 5: NOFX - Liza & Louise
If the trip brings you where the Jamaican People reigns... or you DIE...

TRACK 6: The Clash - The Guns Of Brixton

...or you become FRIENDS.
How can you find yourself an outlaw just because you've seeded a plant donated by friends?

TRACK 7: NOFX - Johnny Appleseed

A kind present from the guns of Brixton!
When all is full of happiness, but the time goes on slow, mind wanders looking for old friends memories...

TRACK 8: Rancid - The Wars End

Rebel friends, no more with us ...
To the moon, the friends give their homage for dead friends...

TRACK 9: Pennywise - Bro Hymn

The past returns, the inevitability of death hangs, the body tremble...

TRACK 10: Dead Kennedys - Riot

...and the rage explodes, against everything around!
But, in the end, what does really matter?

TRACK 11: NOFX - Whoops I OD'd

Memories hurts, but life goes on...
...in the end, it has come the time to leave again, to take the road once again, with one centain: Jimmy and Johnny will NEVER part...

TRACK 12: Bad Religion - Walk Away