I'm very exited to be a part of the awesome project of Kreativeshaus amongst so many great artists!

From January 1st to December 31st of 2016, every week artists from all over the world present their interpretation of a creative house [ger. kreatives Haus]. In total there are 52 artists that will be surprising us with awesome illustrations during this entire year.

My week ended up being #33 (( odly a number I use a lot!!! )). I must say it was a challenge but worth every minute of it. 

For my illustration I imagined my creative house to be a Rubix cube, because for me, creativity thrives on living, exploring, new experiences, friends, games and even munchies, and when I create or imagine something, I often end up combining completely different things into one idea. This particular illustrations is very close to me and my life. Hope you enjoy it!

THE PROJECT'S GALLERY so far is looking awesome!
You can also follow the project on Instagram @kreativeshaus