We are proud to present a collaborative specimen between Ale Paul from Sudtipos and Éva & Ildikó Valicsek from Overlap One Another to present the new Henderson type families.

More info about the Henderson font at www.sudtipos.com
Henderson Slab is available at:

Henderson Sans is available at:

About the Henderson fonts:

A few bold caps drawn by Albert Du Bois for the 1906 Henderson Sign Painter book started me in the direction of looking at how sign painters approached slabs after the industrial revolution. The usual happened from there. 
My exercise in the early lettering roots of what eventually became the definition of geometric typography ended up having a life of its own. The majuscules led to minuscules, one idiosyncratic bold weight led to six more, and uprights led to italics. What was kind-of-interesting in the early twentieth century persuaded me to make it interesting enough a century later. This of course meant alternates, swashes, the standard baggage that keeps calling my name.

Henderson Slab is a family of seven weights plus italics, all full of open features and extended Latin language support. Part of this family’s appeal is its coverage of nearly the entire of the slab serif through the last 100 years — the basis is the manual, humanist origins, the swashed forms come right out of the phototypesetting era, and the alternates and mostly modern constructs of contemporary ideas. The result is a set with the ability to function in modern spaces, from corporate to editorial, in text or display, while both winking and nodding at the roots of what is now considered a geometric endeavour.

Adding Henderson Sans:

The first thought that crosses a type designer’s mind upon seeing a slab serif is: I wonder what it would look if it was serifless. And so, after building Henderson Slab, I followed my instincts and gave it a sans serif companion.

Henderson Sans comes in seven weights plus italics, each of which casting an eye on the crafty lettering origins of what is now the ubiquitous mode of corporate communication. This sans serif is a glyph-for-glyph match for Henderson Slab, inheriting pretty much all of its features and quirks, like the wealth or alternates and swashed variants — simple, endearing or otherwise.

Henderson Slab is available at:

Henderson Sans is available at:

About the Patterns

The multi-layer set of patterns of Overlap One Another has eight basic characters that may be further combined to provide new variations and geometrical structures. The pattern font contains two hundred and fifty-five layered characters. Subject to the density of the patterns the basic motives allow for the plainer or more complex ornamentation, while colouring adds practically an infinite number of variations.

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