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    Inspired by the simple soap bubble, FLOAT. Is founded with the aim of making stylish soaps that are designed to create meaning and an experience … Read More
    Inspired by the simple soap bubble, FLOAT. Is founded with the aim of making stylish soaps that are designed to create meaning and an experience for millennials, transferring qualities through aesthetics to inspire wellness. [ This is a self-initiated practice branding project for customisable, handmade soap. ] Read Less

The space around us has a big influence on how we feel. Bath time is a relaxing break in the middle of our day for many, and this effect can be enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing soap. Non-art aspects of our lives imitate art; through a visually-pleasing everyday item, we can introduce a positive affect, which in turns improves our attitude and way of living.
Guided by the simple concept of 'Life imitates art', FLOAT. does not just make soap, it makes art that uplifts both the consumer and their home.

Millennial consumers / young working professionals have a busy lifestyle, and articles have reported that they are the most stressed-out demographic. Despite that, these digitally-connected individuals are still very drawn to personal wellness.
Through researching the characteristics of the target audience, the direction of the brand is formed.
Using Circular Std as the base, the logotype is modified to have rounded edges, introducing a subtle blob-like element that is consistent with the brand’s visual language while not compromising legibility and simplicity.

The secondary logo for FLOAT. is a dynamic logo that mimics the way bubbles move and float in the air.
Circular Std is chosen as the brand typeface as it is non-intrusive yet has its own quirks, which is true to the FLOAT.'s brand personality.

Colours are kept to light, pastel tones to emulate the lightness of bubbles, and by having soft colours, comfort and relaxation are further communicated. Therefore, with the exception of dark grey and white, the colours can be anything within the pastel coloured spectrum.
“See these soap as art,” is the guiding principle for FLOAT.’s visual language. Inspired by the colours, form, and vibrancy of soap bubbles, these qualities are translated into paint-like graphic forms that in turn manifests into abstract works of art that accommodates different bathroom interiors.
The patterns are inspired by bubble formations, textures of the soap altered through adding common natural powders and exfoliants, and actions associated with paint such as strokes and blobs.

FLOAT.'s soap are made according to the brand's graphic system, using colours to reflect the function and colour code the essential oils used for the consumer's understanding.


Stickers are utilised for the date of manufacturing and for the packaging seal.

FLOAT.'s packaging is made using a single sheet of paper with only folds to create a box for the soaps. Instead of having an insert, instructions and information are printed on the inside of the packaging, so that the customer can readily read them after opening as well as reduce wastage.

Rather than being thrown away, the die-cut is made into a card with discount information, which the customer can choose to either use or pass to another person. These are included with each purchase.

Poly-mailer bags for small quantity orders and boxes for bulk orders will be printed according to the brand's diverse graphic elements and pattern.

FLOAT. allows for customers to have control in their custom soap creation.

Because much of the target market's attention and time is spent online, FLOAT.'s advertising is focused on digital instead of print.
This is a self-initiated, non-commercial project for me to practise my skills and attempt a different visual style...as well as an excuse to make soap. 
© All graphics and soap design by min. 

Inspired by Hanahzo Soap from South Korea.
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