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During the past year, PJADAD and the recently graduated design student Ludwig Matsson has developed an architectural structure working as a platform for working, eating and drinking.
     The structure is based on a basic shape, a cube that measures 40x40x40 cm (CC). The questions surrounding the project has revolved around the choice of either standing firm as a concept or letting aesthetic formulas rule the process, leading to a continous dialogue during the construction. Because of the unusual and asymmetric shape of the space, the result is a product of this dialogue and compromise. The idea behind the concept of an inverted kitchen came from the dialogue and design-based project Collaborative Cooking, a project that was executed in 2013 by PJADAD and Christian Isberg.
     The PJADAD 01 project has resulted in a complete kitchen with 12 seats and several additional products that is now presented as parts of the collection. For more information and pictures visit www.pjadad.com, for high-res images contact press@pjadad.com

Blekingegatan 16 – Matklubb is an installation, a social experiment and a dinner combined. It is all
about seven evenings, twelve chairs and the seven different meetings between a chef and an artists. These evenings are produced in a studio where the main focus is on food, drinks and art. This usually non-public venue makes an exception and invites twelve people on seven occasions. Every evening is based around conversations and philosophical questions about the collision and close bond between food and art. Dinners will be served, but the experience will be far from the usual three course menus, the repetitive restaurant concepts and the weary food trends.              
      This project is a reflection of society’s relationship with the restaurant versus the staged show. Where do you draw the line between art and cooking? Which of the two subjects is the most observed? And how can we use these social activities to create new encounters and venues?
      The guests, chefs and artists will vary, but the starting point is always the same. A creative partners with a chef. A chef who is willing to step outside the usual context of cooking and an artist who dares
to approach food as a tool for storytelling and creation. Together they design something which depart from the normative processes and experiences of cooking and serving dinner. As a guest you attend
the event together with a group of people you have never met before.