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    The 2016 desktop calendar for SebaMed, where we used body painting to show the inherent connection between man and nature.
This year, for SebaMed's calendar that we have been designing last few years, we decided to take a slightly different route. The theme as always was Live and Let Live, reaffirming the brand's core belief of living in harmony with nature. Nature is an essential part of every one of us, and we decided to show this using the human body as a canvas. The final execution required an army of body painting artists, make up artists and dancers (patient and flexible) as models. Once we had the images we wanted, we decided to present them using a narrative in the background. We ensured that these line drawings in no way clashed or overpowered the beautiful artworks. 
Watch the making of the calendar: https://www.instagram.com/merrymen/
A winner in the design category