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    Modern carry-on suitcase made from bamboo and felt, brings beauty back to air travel.
I designed this carry-on luggage to articulate the lost romance of air travel.
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The design also pulls from the golden age of ocean liners: the blacklacquered finish will become beautifully scraped and chipped as thesuitcase travels with you, revealing the bamboo plywood beneath. Thepatina will develop with each trip you take.
The wood bar serves as a carrying handle when closed. It unfolds, usingsimple 45-degree angles between bars and rotating joints, to allow theuser to roll the suitcase.
The interior has four drawers with bamboo bases and soft felt walls.The bottom drawer is sized for laptops. Instead of unpacking yourclothes once you reach your destination, the carry-on suitcasefunctions as a very livable wardrobe while you’re on the go.