Gender Disparities in Graphic Design
An exploration into the industry and wider social issues.
For my Final Major Project I explored the issue of why there seems to be less women in the industry than men, despite the fact that in 2011, 55% of the Graphic Design graduates were women.

I decided to catalogue my findings within an A3 format editorial, where I have included my own written articles, interviews with designers, statistics collected that show the number of women designers in conferences, exhibitions, D&AD profiles etc... This editorial also includes the Designers Breakfast talk that was held at the Design Museum in London called 'Where are the Women?', which I went to and recorded on my dictaphone.

My conclusion to this journey talks about as women designers, there are no men holding us back, we have to have the courage to want to stand up and talk at conferences, to have the courage to publish design books and be smart enough to create a great career so if we ever want a family we are prepared for it. On the other side of that argument, design agencies have to learn to run their design studios creatively, to not see women creatives as someone who is just going to disappear on maternity leave, but that through mediums like Twitter, email, blogs and Facebook, mothers can be kept in the loop as to what is happening in the studio so when they come back they are knowledgeable and full of creative energy. Creative mothers definitely do have the ability to co-ordinate family life and professional life, if given the chance.