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    Art deco style ex libris for Krisztina Tóth & Zoltán Gembiczki.
Ex libris for Krisztina Tóth & Zoltán Gembiczki.
Style inspiration. Zoli gave me a very complete inspiration package at the beginning of the design process. His favourite style is art deco, especially the hungarian commercial posters of the '20s and '30s.
Type inspiration. From the same age but strictly the geometric and bold letters of the posters.
Type. I've chosen Hartmann Regular typeface from the great designer, Gergő Gilicze, my friend. I've been free to modify anything in the typeface, so at first I changed the letters G, C, and O by keeping the full circles they are based on. I've changed every corner to pointed to give them a sharper look, and removed the curves from letter K.
Extra weight. I've also created another weight of the font by using parallel lines in the same thickness to give it more contrast.
Symbol. Zoli likes mountains by the reason of his hometown's landscape. Kriszti's favourite flowers are tulips which are also motifs that always show up in their marriage. In addition to that a rising sun is shown in the background.