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Modern life is a rubbish
'AJE' dreamed odd dream. The Yellow guy struck his head.
Odd dream​​​​​​​

It was weird dream. Anyway, Time to work.
Work or Life

'AJE' got terrible fever. He feels his head is about to explode. Maybe, because of the 'Yellow dream' last night.
Way to work

Birth of MR MISANG

Mr MISANG is very thoughtful guy.
Birth of Franken AJE

Do you remember? we have to go for work. 

Can you Find us? We are everywhere!
Way to work 2​​​​​​​

We have to hurry. before the giant whip strikes our back.

Way to work 3 - Subway station

Way to work 4 - Overcrowded subway

Giant Vacuum  hooverup all the people.
'출근' means 'go to work' in Korea.
Way to work 5 - Entrance of the "company"

Laborers pray for their own gods before start to work. "Can you give me More money, Less work, More power please? I think, I'm the born - supervisor!"
Way to work 6 - Lobby(Pantheon)


MR Misang & Franken AJE are going to travel inside of SUPERVISOR MACHINE's head. 
Are you ready for chasing them?

Mr Misang & Franken AJE's traveling will be continued. 
I'll be back soon!
Modern life is a rubbish

Modern life is a rubbish

This is the series of "HELLO MR MISANG". MR MISANG is traveling odd worlds with his friend, Franken AJE. First world is the city of WORK, MONEY, Read More