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    this series was for the calendar of my old Martial arts club the Shung Dô kwan of Geneva..
Jigorō Kanō (嘉納 治五郎, Kanō Jigorō   


In February 1882, Kano founded a school and dojo at the Eisho-ji (永昌寺 ), a Buddhist temple in what was then the Shitaya ward of Tokyo (now the Higashi Ueno district of Taitō ward).  Iikubo, Kano's Kitō-ryū instructor, attended the dojo three days a week to help teach and, although two years would pass before the temple would be called by the name Kodokan (講道館 Kōdōkan ?, "place for expounding the way"), and Kano had not yet received his Menkyo (免許 , certificate of mastery) in Kitō-ryū, this is now regarded as the Kodokan founding.
The Eisho-ji dojo was a relatively small affair, consisting of a twelve mat training area. Kano took in resident and non-resident students, the first two being Tsunejiro Tomita and Shiro Saigo.  In August, the following year, the pair were granted shodan (初段 , first rank) grades, the first that had been awarded in any martial art.
My weapon.
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