The Old Neptune
Gallery / Bar
This project is about an old pub with rich history of the tales of the seaside surroundings, its located on Whitstable beach and is known by the name of “Old Neptune”, it was named after an old ship wreck which was acting as a breakwater and sheltering the building on site. I worked on converting this building into a Bar with a upper level gallery space. This is influenced by surrealism as my client a local artist; Sadie Hennessey is heavily influenced by surrealism within her modern nostalgic images. And also links in with the history of the building as it is built up of reclaimed timbers due to it being washed away in storms numerous times. The design is linked greatly to the exterior views of the site which is important as they radiate 360 degrees around the site out of each window, these are the main attraction for users as they consist of mostly creative people.

Artlantis & photoshopped behind bar visual 
Artlantis & photoshopped visual of ice cream terrace
Artlantis & photoshopped visual of home zone
Artlantis & photoshopped visual of Upper deck double height lighting ring in gallery zone
Artlantis & photoshopped visual of viewing zone
Artlantis & photoshopped visual of bar area from home zone view
Hand drawn idea sketches
Hand built model shot from ice cream area
Hand built model shot overview
Hand built exterior model shot
Hand built model shot of Upper deck lighting ring
Vectorworks CAD drawn Technical elevations 
Final photoshopped presentation board
Double height bar space selling visual