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    Self written, Final Major project for BA Hons degree.
Dabba on Wheels. 
Your meal, on your doorstep.
The Problem:
As an international student when I moved to UK I was very excited about the new changes that were happening in my life. However, soon after the excitement turned into panic when I realised that living on my own is not going to be an easy task. I had never lived on my own before and was quite dependent on my family for many of my day-to-day chores.
What I had to struggle most with was food. For a very long time I had to survive on meals entirely cooked by me and lets face it, I may have many other talents but cooking was not exactly up my alley.

A very old saying goes ““Necessity is the mother of all invention”; in my case my laziness to cook for myself combined with my lack of culinary skills gave birth to a new idea. After all 4000 miles away from the warmth my mom’s handmade biryani, a decent cooked meal was my necessity.
And this is exactly how I came across this business model, its the idea of starting a home delivered dabba(tiffin) system in collaboration with a brilliant cook(my friend) to save others from the miseries of having to eat bad food. By this business model my objective is to reach to people specially students and bachelors living far away from their families and make good home cooked meal available at an affordable price.

Idea for the Design
I have designed the company logo, which can clearly indicate that it’s a food delivery service and I went with bright and cheerful colours to appeal to the youth of different ethnicity.

My reply as a Graphic Designer
For the Logo I prefer to use the iconic ‘Tiffin’ that is the design of a traditional multi container lunch box. This type of lunch box in synonymous with Asians and I agree that in my case the target consumers are international students living in UK specially Asians.I have used handwritten fonts, which in a way symbolises that our food isn’t exactly fast food but has hand cooked home made feel to it. Since I decided to keep the look happy and vibrant, the colours I have used are Red, Orange and white. In a way it also symbolises the mouth-watering, delicious, colourful and vibrant Asian cuisine ☺

Icon Design
Home delivered dabba system is a concept that exists in many countries in Asia.The dabba/tiffin in the logo is inspired by those simple looking dabbas that have become popular over the years in these countries. There is an instant recall value with the image of a dabba/tiffin amongst people from Asian ethnicity.

The circle pattern & colour scheme:
While I was researching about the design, I came across many Pakistani and Indian restaurants, which have used different circular patterns in their design. Upon further research I found out that circular designs are a very big part of Pakistani and Indian culture. For example, the designs of Rangoli(handmade colourful decorations), the patterns in truckart, the design and the colours on the wheels of trucks, the circle shape of the Indian thali and the circle shaped tiffin box.Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka etc. have always been considered as colourful nations. The festivals like Holi, Diwali and Eid are vibrant and colourful. I found out a very interesting fact that all the designs you see in those special occasions are very colourful and are framed inside a circle, whether it’s just a design on an invitation card or the design on a floor or a wall created especially for those days and that’s one of the reason I used colours in a circle frame.

As said earlier the handwritten font makes it personalised and symbolises a home cooked meal. The font used is, though English, but have a Hindi manuscript feel to it for the same reason that my target consumers are bachelors and students from these countries.