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    Photographs taken in and around Deep Creek Lake/ Garrett County Maryland during 2016
Setting Sun in Garrett County Maryland
Early Morning Fog and wild Azalea
Pitcher Plants attracting insects- Near Cunningham Swamp
Fog Shroud near the mouth of Cherry Creek Cove- at Sunrise.
Fresh-cut Hayfield near Garrett College
Late afternoon Autumn sunset
Early AM sunrise with haybails
Mid-Summer wild flowers just before sun-up along the Cherry Creek watershed.
Busy spiders along a ponds edge- early AM in Garrett County
A frozen Deep Creek Lake looking East- mid Winter 2016
Two Birch Trees at sunrise overlooking a frozen Deep Creek Lake
Dewdrops on early Spring hayfield
Early Spring hayfield with smokehouse atmosphere
Resting birds at the crack of dawn- Summer in Garrett County
Landscape along I-68 in early Spring
Landscape along I-68 in early Spring
Redbuds starting to bloom- along I-68
Algae bloom- early Spring on Deep Creek Lake 
Sunset near Garrett College
Mid-day sun along Cherry Creek- Summer
Old barn near Savage River
Water highlights on Deep Creek lake
Clearing fog coming from Cherry Creek Cove- Deep Creek Lake
Lake Ford United Methodist Church- Cranesville Swamp Natural Area (Maryland)
Mature Autumn grasses along a country lane- early AM in Garrett County
Soybean field looking towards Beckman's Island
Crop rotation- Garrett County agriculture
Cutting hay between cornfields- Garrett County Agriculture
The barn at North Glad Inn in early AM sunlight
Out for a paddle in the early AM on Deep Creek lake
Glendale Bridge from Monte Vista neighborhood
Cunningham Swamp- part of the Deep Creek Lake watershed
Thick fog with a sliver of sunshine- early AM on Deep Creek Lake
Autumn Ferns near Cunningham Swamp
Autumn Ferns near Cunningham Swamp
Getting in on the action to capture insects near Cunningham Swamp wetlands
Early AM at the Creamery
Winter fog with partial sun
Dense Winter fog along the Cherry Creek watershed
Glendale Bridge in late PM light- Deep Creek Lake
Golden light reflection on Deep Creek Lake near 219 Bridge
Winter sunrise looking towards Glendale Bridge from private property along Rock Lodge Rd.