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Franchini · Gaffuri

Franchini • Gaffuri

"Franchini e Gaffuri", an insurance solutions company from Brescia, born in 2014 from the merger of two historical companies, has relied to Moosa for its new identity. Brand design work is strongly focused on brand values, as well as the typography, color palette and graphic structures used.

The link to tradition, dynamism and liveliness permeate the entire project, acting as the glue for the various design solutions. It is from this union that the design of the brand takes shape, or the choice to use the language of 3D illustration / animation to accompany customers’ navigation on the website.

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It maintains the link with the past of the two companies.
The brand must communicate that it was not "born" yesterday, but has a solid body of knowledge that has matured over time.


It shows the company's ability to adapt to market changes and the needs of its customers; not in the background, it shows the desire to present itself as an ever-young and future-oriented company.


It is its distinctive feature. It is the voice that will most mark the aesthetics of communication, combined with tradition.


Icon history

In line with the elements of brand perception, a pictogram was created that recalled tradition and liveliness. The monogram (FG) is the basis of the work and is transformed into the representation of an animal: a robin. This lively little bird is known for its sociability and friendliness, it approaches bold humans and coexists in harmony with them. It embodies various positive symbols including that of the new year; the transition from winter to spring, rebirth. The choice is not random as can be seen, but concentrated on accentuating the identity of the company and its distinctive character: liveliness. The monogram, in the background, lets the figure of the animal emerge, more incisive and direct, certainly richer in meaning than just the two letters.

Corporate image

The following images describe how the “Franchini e Gaffuri” brand presents itself to the public regardless of the brand. In addition to this we show the basic printouts that are used within the company, and finally the website together with the 3d illustrations and animations designed.

Franchini · Gaffuri

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Franchini · Gaffuri

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