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Visual and web designer, specialized in web design, web development,multimedia and E-marketing. He has worked in different advertisingagencies in realization of web and identity design projects.
Curiousand researcher, his life revolves around the graphic and considers thata good design is determined by the senses rather than reason. Currentlyworks as E.A. DIRECTOR
Professional graphic designer and musician from conviction, he hasworked in identity design, web development, web design and illustration.
Hethinks that any visual an artistic expression must go out from thereason and the heart, neither is stronger than the other, are anexcellence complement. Currently works as E.A. PROJECTS DIRECTOR
Passionate and explorative visual designer; specialized in print andeditorial design, where has an extensive knowledge. Other developmentfields of work are 2d animation and illustration.
He thinks that agood designer is characterized by the professional knowledge as day byday knowledge of life. Currently works as E.A. CREATIVE DIRECTOR