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Research Document and Final Portfolio based on Architectural Photography around Auckland City
Architects face the challenge of creating something new that will correspond with an already existing space. Every structure serves a purpose, but when built, how do these structures represent their original intent and how do they relate to their surroundings? Surrounding influence looks at the way in which structures have been designed to represent their purpose, and how they relate to previous surroundings.

This project consists of two perfect bound books, one being a research document and the other a final portfolio.
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From the start of Surrounding influence the main concept has developed to be a base for a strong architectural photography portfolio. Research proved to be paramount into seeing what architects, designers and the like were trying to show in their respective structures, before making final decisions on how to show the buildings photographically. Exploring different angles, editing techiniques, use of lenses as well as looking at the artist models of catherine opie, joe hockley and patrick reynolds has all helped to produce seven final images based on 6 locations. The final outcome is a successful set of images that display the purpose and intention of the architects, but also reflect the function of the area or business.

- Adam Wouldes

Big thanks to Cris Smith at Neville Newcomb Reprographics for all his help -