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    University Project A secret coded communication system for activists with graffiti outcome.
Activist Communication System
Assignment Brief / Emergency in Suburbia

Something has changed, something very crucial to your daily life. Not everybody knows, not everybody is supposed to know. You, the suburban communication team, have been selected to make sure the select few will know.
You are to produce a signage system for the select people in the community who must be informed about the possible developments during this time. Working in small groups consider your message, materials, and impact. Go undetected.

It is of the utmost importance that the signage must fit in with its surroundings to avoid creating panic amongst the general public (to whom you are not communicating with). Street markings, ripped posters, faulty streetlights, broken twigs could be used to communicate your message.

Signage must be constructed quickly and easily to install and be distributed with minimum man-power to avoid detection. Test your designs in the environment! You are required to produce clear visual communication of your social group's message and evidence of the signage system in it's environment.
This is one of the outcomes, a coded system for activist to communicate emergenciesThe message would be communicated by replace words with numbers which would then be related back to a key. These numbers would be set up in standardised set order in which they would be placed. The order would be like this: issue/cause, action to be taken, time/date and location. The code could easily be written by freehand or with stencils. I did my outcome in a street art tunnel under waterloo station where it is legal to graffiti.