The Funfair

A journey through the funfair, 35mm at a time. (2005 - 2008)
As I child I had a whale of a time at these... Still is a fascinating place. A nostalgic moth lured. Old creaking Machines fling us through epileptic lights, all sides assaulted by distorting speakers with eurotrash playlists. Post session - regain your strength & mental acuity with a few toffee apples, "Spookasem" and greased matter... There is something magical about G-force and heights. As a child you feel part of something bigger. Parades, shows, tents, stalls & exploration. 
Most interesting are the racial interactions, tensions & friendships. In these glimpses I almost feel these "arenas" act as a band aid. Just like music festivals such as Oppikoppi. People from different races & cultures want to be in each others spaces and faces. Even if only subconsciously. 
We want to know what our neighbour is all about.
Sometimes you have to see your neighbour, to love your neighbour.
Jurgens Burger