The Center for Urban Waters
For this project, I worked with the senior graphic designer at BCRA, and did mostly production work - revisions to the Illustrator files, slicing the images/saving for web, uploading to the CMS, and building pages/filling in content within the CMS. However, I did get to design the How It Works and Our Facility sections, and we brought in one of our fellow architectural designers to do the drawings of the building for those sections. We had to figure out how to display the rooms in the building for exploration on the How it Works page, as well as what angle and what environmental attributes of the facility needed to be in the sketch for the Our Facility page. I built all the pages in the Our Facility section from a client-provided brochure PDF, cutting out content and saving to fit within the tables in the Drupal CMS. I also designed the image-viewer to work with both horizontal and vertical photos.

Please visit the website to see more:
Drop Down box giving an explanation of their collaborative policy.
About section with sub-menu appearing on lower left below main menu.
Sub-page within About section showing sub-menu with further sub-sections.
Furthest in the menu that you get, sub-option within sub-menu.
Hover state over room giving you information about it before clicking on it.
Room page after click, keeping room highlighted in white.
Our Facility main page explaining icons used in the sub-pages.
Sub-page magnifying places in the facility that correspond to the content below.
Landing page in Research & Collaboration.
Research & Collaboration page after a search and click, has mini gallery on the side where you click on the thumbnails to bring up an image viewer that hovers over the page...
Image viewer showing image at full size. You can click on white arrows to move throughout the gallery.
Contact page with google map.