E-mail Campaigns/Invites
For South Sound Military & Communities Partnership/Joint Base Lewis-McChord
After completing a class about Designing and Building HTML E-mails, I was assigned a project at BCRA to make an HTML e-mail invite. It was based on a print invite that had already been sent out in the mail. I used everything I learned in the class about HTML e-mails compatibility within all mail software/sites, especially when images were not displayed/background images not shown in Outlook. This e-mail was sent out using various e-mail programs/sites.

I was assigned a second e-mail invite that needed to be flexible for content input at the end, so I used a MailChimp layout and changed styles and created an image header.
Blank version of e-mail ready to be sliced for production into HTML table layout.
Table layout in Dreamweaver
Quick MailChimp layout with content filled in.