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Location:     Loft, Old City, PhiladelphiaSubject:       Competitive BodybuilderEquipment: Nikon D700, PCB Einsteins, HOBD, Strip Lights
The purpose of the shoot was two-fold. One: to get some shots that N could keep for his own personal collection. Two: for me to experiment with capturing a dramatic subject matter. The landscape of a highly exaggerated body form has many possibilities and this was the first of what I hope to be several sessions. 

It was fascinating to be allowed into the mindset of such an athlete. Diet, exercise, discipline and sacrifice. Apparently he was "too thick" on this shoot. Somehow - and here the inexperienced mind boggles - 15+lbs would be shed before the next competitive event. I have no idea from where. Seemed to be in pretty good shape to me. I look forward to posting a comparison piece where similar poses and lighting expose the "shredded" look that is strived for come competition time.