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    Outside India Exhibit + Publication
 Outside India
Art Direction & Publication for Robert. E. D'Souza exhibit in New Delhi, India
Book and accompanying exhibition at W+K Delhi in November 2012, exhibiting work by Robert Ed D'Souza. Published by Wieden & Kennedy Publishing
'Outside India: Dialogues and Documents of Art and Social Change, considers new and previous works produced in India by the artist and academic Robert E. D'Souza. New works from his exhibition Outside India are considered critically against a backdrop and recent history of social and economic change in India both in terms of the forces of globalisation and its effects on culture, social-politics but also in relation to the contemporary Indian art scene.
This book presents contributions both by the artist, curators and the scholar Tania Roy critically locating and examining the artists work in relation to dialogues that traverse national boundaries to locate ideas about cultural exchange and global identities, against his recent artistic practice. The artists personal history in terms of the Indian diaspora and his motivations to document change from the ‘outside’ as a working practice are considered in relation to the recently produced works in Outside India.
D'Souza also considers the overlaps, intersections and relationships between his experiences of rapid change over two decades of working practice through projects located between the global and the local in India against issues of new developments in contemporary Indian art and its relationship to the global art scene.
Outside India is published and distributed by W + K Publishing in India'