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    Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution is a readymade solution to build a chat app. It can power a simple Android chat app messenger or a enterpris… Read More
    Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution is a readymade solution to build a chat app. It can power a simple Android chat app messenger or a enterprise-level chat app on iOS. The flexible architecture provides capabilities to build apps for Personal/Social/Enterprise/In-app chat needs. Read Less
Build Your own Android Chat Messenger App

Instant Messaging Apps - A decade ago, they were new kinds in the block of dial pad phones. But, today they exist in every smartphone. Instant messaging apps have rewritten the way people communicate and exchange information.

" Google’s android chat messenger Duo. Facebook’s messenger app android Messenger. Apple’s iMessages & FaceTime. Then there is a long list of other messenger apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Skype, etc. So many messenger apps that we lose track of which one does what "

The sad truth is that a single app that does best all the several utilities that these apps separately provide is not available. A dedicated messenger app for effective communication is missing. Too many social groups and businesses are struggling to find a way to how to make simple chat application in android that will improve communication for the good.
How are these Chat Apps Built?

Building a chat app is no child app. It is a highly complex process that involves several critical decisions. Right from choice of programming language to hosting and secured storage, everything is of critical importance.

The most common ways to build a android chat app is through starting from scratch or development using SaaS solutions or choosing a readymade solution!

Starting From Scratch
Once the functional wireframe is finalized, it will be sent for testing where bugs and errors will be quashed before the app is ready for app store release. Needless to say, it is a painful process which also costs exorbitantly.

SaaS Solution
SaaS Solutions have come to the foray as formidable solutions for enterprises for deep pockets. They are scalable solutions which can be used to build full-scale chat apps. However, their rigid structure and limited features reduce their potential for use by the large population of startups.

Readymade Solutions
Readymade solutions are best fits for all kinds of organizations. They can be made to fit the needs of startups as well as large scale enterprises with complex communication needs. Further, they come equipped with a wide variety of features that enable hyper-time chatting, geolocation, screen sharing, conference chatting and much more.
How much does it costs to develop an Instant Messaging app like WhatsApp?

Chat app development cost is always uncertain and can only be assumed considering the cost for the key factors that are involved in developing a chat app.

Other factor which swings the cost pendulum is the expertise or the size of the company through which you are going to create android chat app. The more experienced and organized team you go for, the higher will be the cost. A rough cost for developing a chat app through a seasoned company would be around 280,000$ with 40$ per hour for the development resources involved. 

However, readymade solutions can comparatively cut down cost and money as well.
Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution Develop Android Chat App Messenger

Apphitect IM Solution is a perfect way that can help make chat application android for instant communication. The Instant Messaging solution removes the burden of custom development off the shoulders of user groups who wants to build android chat application in a more secure manner.

List of Features in Apphitect’s Android Chat App Development

As a top mobile app development company in UAE, Apphitect takes care to equip its Instant Messaging solution with the absolute best features like Group chat, Online presence, Social integrations, Sync & storage, Video calling, File sharing & Security  etc

Technology Stack used in Apphitect Chat Messenger App

Apphitect’s Instant Messenger app puts to work the best of technologies from various sources to create the best android chat app that will help users communicate with great ease. 

Start Building your own Android Chat Application 

Checkout the Video Walk through of How Apphitect IM Solution can help you Build a Instant Messenger Chat App like Whatsapp.