This is another assignment I had on university. People involved are Vanessa Urrunaga  and Maria del Carmen Vasconcellos.

The concept is about an online network where you can exchange clothes between your friends (females only - it is a women-oriented product), thanks to the Facebook contact integration. 

The process:
You upload pictures of the clothes you want to switch and hang them on your wall; if your friend digs your stuff, she can click on them and ask if you want to switch with anything on her wall. If you like what you see, you're on.
Brand Identity or Brand Heart

This is one of the first steps, after you have the idea, you make a survey to know what people think about the concept and then realize what's really important for them. The essence of the project is "Always have something different to wear". 
This one screen capture is from the slides, which are meant to reflect the chick side of the project using colors and shapes.
After this, we have to think on 100 possible names, literally. The list is too long so I'm gonna skip that.
So the next step is finally the logo, the fun part. Because the idea focuses on clothes, one element I noticed was the button as an strong indicator of fashion.

Here are some of the options.
This one wasn't good enough.
Here the .pe was added as part of the brand name, giving it more weight.
Finally, this was the best option, but not the final.