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    A set of 3 Printed Cards by artist Carne Griffiths on 400gsm thick card with a solid silver reverse print - the cards are packed in silver wrappi… Read More
    A set of 3 Printed Cards by artist Carne Griffiths on 400gsm thick card with a solid silver reverse print - the cards are packed in silver wrapping and posted in a hand embellished white conqueror envelope sealed with a silver or turquoise wax stamp. Limited to an edition of 1000 cards Each triptych is hand signed by the artist and accompanied by a small original drawing on the outside reverse of the envelope. The cards are an attractive collectors item and will also look good float mounted in a small box frame. The pieces are drawn in graphite and painted with tea and ink. "The triptych itself came about as an interruption in a series of work I was making preparing for the exhibition Journey in November of 2011. I was sketching some stone statues in the local cemetery that I had been intending to turn into a series of work, I was distracted by a huge 6 foot rose bush which grew from a tiny and modest gravestone within the cemetery.. amongst the ostentatious gravestones in the cemetery the symbol of this simple and beautiful flower growing from decay triggered a series about mortality, life cycles and spirituality. The pieces Immortal and Mortal look at the cycle of life decay and rebirth - In Immortal an aloe plant (a symbol of immortality) sits at the foot of the work reaching up towards the figure's outstretched hands, clasping a rose a rose bush. The figure appears with angelic floral wings - a pre christian symbol found in ancient sculptures constructed in this case by regenerating leaves. A stag beetle sits at the foot of the piece mortal, a symbol of death. Moths rise from the chrysalis like leaf structures. The piece Eleven is intended to challenge and engage the viewer, a woman with wings of dried thistle leaves appears in front of us drawing attention to a skull - a symbol of our mortality, the dying moth represents our fragility and the serpent lies on the floor entwined around the skull in a figure 8 both as a protector and also as a symbol of confrontation and temptation. For me the purpose of this piece is as a reminder, to achieve your goals and to strive for what you can within your lifetime. The piece was completed at 11:11:11 on the 11th of november 2011. In effect 11:11:11:11:11 I am fascinated by the patterns and influence of numerology, and the association of repeating numbers throughout our lives. Read Less
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Triptych of 3 images, Immortal, Mortal and Eleven by artist Carne Griffiths, signed prints on 400gsm heavy card with reverse print in silver, wrapped in silver slip and sealed with a silver wax stamp - each set is delivered in a hand monogrammed white envelope which is also sealed with a wax stamp.

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