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    Graduation show invite and self promotional gift
 Screechin Scurry
Graduation show invite and self promotional gift
As part of my end of year show, I decided to send invites to creative agencies across the UK. Each invite was made completely by hand and contained a customised beer bottle. A total of 20 boxes were produced and delivered across the UK on Friday the 8th of June. The term "Screechin Scurry" comes from Aberdonian slang for a squawking seagull.

Each bottle contains Brewdog Punk IPA - www.brewdog.com

The overall project was a great success, having designers like Alex Maclean send me feedback was simply amazing and having it shown on Creative Review was far more than I could have expected. I received several emails, job interviews and offers all on the back of this self promotional item.
Packaging with screen print type on GFSmith Colorplan Smoke
Inside of packaging with GFSmith Colorplan Citrine and transparent perforated invite hiding the bottle
Front of bottle
Back of bottle