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    Realtime render engine
MRE is a custom render engine build in vvvv , the programming environment i use for everything.
This engine is the result of the efforts of me and other three guys (vux, m4d, unc) of the vvvv community.
I uploaded it on vvvv contributions page.

These are the main supported features:

- Point / spot / directional lightsource
- Cubemap reflection/refraction
- Normal map support
- VSM (variance shadow map) shadows
- HDR (high dynamic range) rendering
- SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion)
- Cubemap indirect illumination
- Fog techniques
- DOF (depth of field)
- Glare
- Luma adaptation
- Tone mapping
- Filmic contrast 
- Gamma correction
- HSL color correction
- Vignette postFX
- FXAA antialias