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    Some of my sketches.
My sketches
Some of the sketches from my collection.
Below are some of the images of the sketches that I have made. Mostly portraits of people. 
A portrait sketch of an old homeless man from the cover of a book. 

Photographer: Unknown.A portrait sketch based on a picture of King Birendra from a newspaper. One of the earliest sketches.
Photographer: Devon Cummings, Brooklyn, New York.
Place: Along the Annapurna circuit, Nepal. 1991.A charcoal sketch experimenting with light and shadow.
A portrait of a South Indian Girl
Photographer: Unknown (Flickr photo).
Place: Somewhere around south of India. 
A plain charcoal sketch with an attemp to preserve the innocence of the emotion. Experimenting with the shading.
Photographer: Unknwon.
A portrait sketch of a south american man. Experimenting with Light and Shadow.
Taken from a video of Duke Ellington performing “Take The "A" Train”.
A charcoal sketch experimenting with lights only. Inspired by Jazz and Art.