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    Character scene.
Ramseses II Throne Room
   I recently worked on a project in which I had to illustrate a scene for a character and I decided to pick a character that fascinates me. This is how I came down to Rameses II. I love Egyptian mythology and history and felt it would perfect for the project. This was my first time modeling and texturing in Maya. A lot of the textures I used were first altered in photoshop then exported to Maya to be modified a little bit more. I did some research for the room and mostly constructed it based on my opinion of what an ancient Egypt throne room would resemble. I was also very inspired by Seti I throne room in "The Mummy Returns" movie. 

   The reason why the gifts presented before Rameses throne have syrian motifs is due to the fact that Rameses II had led a few battle against the people of Syria, and in this scene I wanted to depict Rameses as successfully conquering the land of Syria and receiving gifts from its people. The golden cup on the edge of the largest treasure chest is actually a replica of a ceremonial cup. It was used for special events during the Achaemenid era. 
   This is the throne room's scribe station. It has an old papyrus parchment.