Charlene's Quest - Examination Display
Final Year 2012 Project for BFA in Visual Communications.
Between 2010 and 2012 (I had deferred for one year), I've been working on my final year project - a Jamaican children's book temporarily entitled 'Charlene's Quest'*.

*There's going to be a name change. I wasn't happy about the name from Day One, but I needed something for the project. That, and three people tripped over themselves saying 'Charlotte's Web' .  I know a sign when I see one.

Speaking of signs, here's mine that I designed for Charlene's Quest. Made by Signs Jamaica, both the bases and the raised letters were cut from PVC. I later glued strips of board to the back in order to raise the sign off of the wall. A friend of mine later glued strips of red cartridge paper along the butterfly base's edge to provide contrast between the sign and the wall.
The character posters were all hand-done - the characters' watercolour paper (hot press) silhouettes and their individual pairs of cardboard bases were laser cut to size by Signs Jamaica; watercolour washes were applied to each character and allowed to dry before flattening, while their cardboard bases were glued together and also let to flatten and 'cure' under weights; tonalities were added to the characters by using coloured pencils, and each character was then glue to their corresponding bases for one final pressing.

For the text, that was done by silkscreen printing the character descriptions on to (cold-pressed) watercolour paper using water-based paper ink. Once dried, each sheet was glued to 22x28 inch matboard, and clamped between two boards. Once those were ready, the characters were glued into place, and the entire piece left to press and cure.

The furniture set featured chairs designed to represent four of the six characters of Charlene's Quest - Growlford, Ramesh, Countess, and Lizzy.