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    My own personal identity design.
Louise Twizell
Personal brand identity
For those of you who don't read my blog, here's a brief(ish) explanation of my logo. For a more in-depth description please read my blog entry from the start of May.

The mark I've created is based on the Penrose triangle, an impossible object first created by a Swedish artist in the 1930s and then popularised in the 1950s, described as “”.

I wanted to have something I could substitute for my name if needs be, for promotional purposes such as business cards etc. It demonstrates each of my initials - Louise A. Twizell, as well as my interest in lines, patterns and geometric shapes.

Hopefully by tackling the ‘‘, it represents me as the that I am. I've stripped it down to a simple black and white mostly because I had trouble pinning down a specific colour to represent me but also because I think it looks pretty slick and I hope other people will the same.

For now, here are my logo and business cards, more will follow!
Above is my CV, simple typography set in black and white. It's printed on card and duplexed onto black to resemble the triplexing done on my business cards. Currently in the process of renewing it as it's now out of date due to placements.