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    Branding for a new fashion retail brand 'The Story of Now' based on the concept of travel. Explored through all printed collateral.
The Story Of Now
Retail branding for the Urban Traveller
Brand and experience for a clothing store called 'The Story of Now' selling clothes to Urban Individuals 18-30, the concept is based on travelling with the store itself taking on the format of a travelling pop-up shop. It encourages consumers to travel and create a story for themselves, have adventures. I have designed the brand logo, packaging, lookbooks, clothing and interactive elements to show the philosophy of the brand working throughout all printed collateral. From its casual range to 'Lost & Found' which is an urban exchange vintage section and then a Ltd Edition range called 'Passport'. Using a broad range of screenprinting, lasercutting, vinyl and foil blocking. With interactive elements such as the diary and calender style lookbooks aswell as interactive postcards. Details such as the material, tags and design elements taken from travelling themes.