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    Identity design for #Radio #RKC Selector's Cherchez la Persik's show ‪#‎DiMENSiONS
Into the far spheres of sounds and visual arts


Identity design for #Radio #RKC Selector's Cherchez la Persik's show ‪#‎DiMENSiONS

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Project “DiMENSiONS”, a “stellar explosion” is the continuation of the “Start” Project and the development of a parallel idea of Galaxy.
What is the meaning and reason of the Universe and life? Trying to discover the answer, make sense out of it all, and find my supernova, by looking at the stars. Interpreting the world around me and understanding of my feelings about my place within it through music.

Logo of the project is based on geometrical pattern (in imitation of Roman "La città ideale" -  Sforzinda by Antonio di Pietro Averlino (c. 1400 - c. 1469).
The basic layout of the Logo is an eight point star.

The Eight Point Star with the circle in the Center Represents:
The highest individual identity, meanings and purposes of self, soul or spirit embodied within the incomplete progressively evolving universe of time and space.
The Stars that went into supernova.
The Full Symbol Represents:
The Universe.
The inclusion of all individuals, clans, tribes, nations, planets, systems, galaxies and that which is the origin of the universe as one union.

#SacredGeometry #Eternia #Time #Space #Universe
Typeface: Stellar

“Stellar is a slightly condensed sans serif type
with a taller x-height to give it legibility and personality.
It comes in four weights and was designed to give
purpose to your ideas, galactic or atomic."Mathieu Desjardins
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