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    Final Project for ARCH 4440 Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture: The LA Tectonic
Cleaning Lake Ponchartrain through steamed compost

ARCH 4440: Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture: The LA TectonicCourse Instructor: Ursula Emery McClure
Problem: 1 Manmade + 1 Natural = LA Tectonic
Solution: 1 Steamboat + 1 Flowering Dogwood Tree = LOCO-Post

This project focused on the present and future development of the LA Tectonic. To better understand this dynamic, I closely explored the salient characteristics, components, assemblies, and uses of prescribed tectonics, both natural and manmade. LOCO-Post is a proposition based on research to contribute appropriately to the constructed environment, sustainability of place, and develop and design the LA Tectonic. 

My design is focusing on an important environmental issue for Louisiana, improving the water quality of local water bodies, more specifically Lake Pontchartrain. My manmade tectonic was riverboats with the flowering dogwood as my natural tectonic. Through this design, I aim at restoring a present repository for sewer and chemical-laced floodwater back to it's once abundant recreational self.

Main Components: 
 Steam Engine_used to purify water through boiling by the use of heat energy 
 Flowering Dogwood Leaf Litter_used to create fuel for steam engine 
 Paddlewheel_used to propel machine through water bodies
 Pesticide Tracker_used to find pesticides in the water bodies
LOCO-Post cleaning Lake Ponchartrain's waters
LOCO-Post visualisation 
LOCO-Post visualisation
LOCO-Post Exploded Axonometric
LOCO-Post Plan
LOCO-Post Section