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    Apartment renovation in Budapest
Apartment renovation
Location: Budapest, Buda Hills
Area: 62 sqm

Our recent project was an apartment renovation for Gabor, a lawyer with just one specific request. Gabor’s design brief was short and to the point - the apartment was to exude taut elegance, while also tastefully including playful pink accents. Our end goal was to create a bachelor pad well suited for all manner of guests, so we decided to style the apartment interior like an elegant suit paired with a pink shirt and a nice tie.

We prepared the floorplan to allow for more space and functionality by opening up the small kitchen into a shared space with the living room. Then we surrounded the entrance between the living room and bedroom with walls to house different functions. The living room wall became home to all media, from Gabor’s vinyl collection to the entertainment center, while the bedroom wall now supports a wardrobe and desk.

We braved black furniture to match the elegance of our well-made suit, which left the apartment feeling a bit overcast for a while. Then, true to our original color pallette we lightened the mood, choosing bright decor pieces to represent the pink shirt. A black kitchen, dark gray tiles, and refinished wood floors became our foundation. These were then peppered with rosa beta granite tiles in the back wall of the kitchen, a pink armchair, and hints of blush in all of the rugs, linens, and even the lampshades.

The wood floors are ash, inherently giving off a hint of pink, so the complementary wood elements were made of ash as well. I invited the AU workshop to come and create unique pieces for Gabor. The anteroom coat rack, coffee table, bar stools and hanging (pinkish) lights are all AU products.