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    Illustration Chronicles explores a history of illustration through the images, illustrators and events of the last 175 years.
In May 2016 I launched Illustration Chronicles—an ongoing project dedicated to exploring the history of illustration. The website consists of a series of short essays that are inspired by the images, illustrators and events of the past. 

While the site covers a broad span of time its main focus is the last 175 years. Each essay represents a work from a specific year and these form a timeline on the website. Every couple of months the site selects a topic to help demonstrate the diversity of the discipline. For example, the first topic was satire and so the site featured the work of people like the Japanese printmaker Kawanabe Kyōsai, the Mexican etcher José Guadalupe Posada and the American political cartoonist David Levine. My aim is to encourage people to see the richness that exists within the discipline and to hopefully tell some interesting stories along the way. 
Illustration is a fascinating subject and yet its history is rarely told. This project champions the medium and hopes to bring inspiration, insight and knowledge to its readers. Find the site online here: www.illustrationchronicles.com.